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Polygon: A simple closed curve made up of only line segments is called a polygon.

Classification of polygons:

Number of Sides Classification
3 Triangle
4 Quadrilateral
5 Pentagon
6 Hexagon
7 Heptagon
8 Octagon
9 Nonagon
10 Decagon
... ...
n n-gon

Diagonal: A diagonal is a line segment connecting two non-consecutive vertices of a polygon.

Convex polygons: Where all the interior angles are less than 180° and no part of its diagonals lie outside the polygon.

Concave polygons: Where at least one interior angle is more than 180° and some of the diagonals will lie outside the polygon.

Regular polygons: A regular polygon is both 'equiangular' and 'equilateral'. e.g. equilateral triangle.

Irregular polygons: Polygons which are not equiangular or equilateral are irregular polygons. e.g. right-angled triangle.

Angle sum property: Sum of all interior angles = \( (n - 2) \times 180° \) where n --> number of interior angles.