Class 04 - Chapter 02 - Long and Short (34)

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Q.1. Measure the height of all your family members and answer the following questions:

a) Who is the tallest in your family? ________________

b) Who is the shortest in your family? _____________

c) What is the difference between their heights? ___________

Q.2. Height of Karan is 150cm and the height of Arjun is 155cm. Find the following:

a) Who is taller? _______________

b) Who is shorter? ___________

c) What is the difference between their heights? _____________

Q.3. Find out the following distances (take the help of parents in finding the distances, if needed) and answer the following questions.

Distance of School from Home _________________

Distance of Market from Home ________________

Distance of Hospital from Home ________________

Distance of Playground from Home ________________

a) Which facility is farthest from your home?

b) If you go by walk, guess, which facility you will reach in the shortest time?

c) How much do you walk everyday to reach school?

Q.4. Ramu goes to nearby playground for cycling everyday. The width of the playground is 50 m and length is 100 m. Ramu takes 5 rounds everyday. Calculates the distance he covers each day _____________

Q.5. Laxman can run with the speed of 5 km/hr. The speed with which Ram can run is double to that of Laxman. What is the speed of Ram?

Q.6. The speed of Car is twice the speed of Bus. The speed of bus is 40 km/hr. What is the speed of Car?

Q.7. The following are the speeds of various transport means. 

(a) Speed of man walking 5 km / hr

(b) Speed of bi-cycle 10 km / hr

(c) Speed of bus 40 km / hr

(d) Speed of car 70 km / hr

Answer the following questions.

(i) Which vehicle is the fastest vehicle?

(ii) What is the slowest mode of transportation?

(iii) What distance will bus cover in one (1) hour?

(iv)  Which vehicle will reach you fastest to your destination?

Q.8. If the height of your father is 5 inch more than that of your height, then tell who is taller: you or your father?

Q.9. If the height of your younger sister is 2 inch less than that of your height, then tell who is shorter: you or your sister?

Q.10. Height of members in a family are as follows:

(a) Father : 175 cm

(b) Mother : 160 cm

(c) Son : 135 cm

(d) Daughter : 145 cm

Answer the following questions:

(i) Who is the tallest member of the family?

(ii) Who is the shortest member of the family?

(iii) What is the average height of the family?

(iv) Find the difference in the height of the tallest and the shortest member of the family.