Class 04 - Chapter 03 - A Trip to Bhopal (14)

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Q.1. A man walks to his office from his residence everyday in the morning and returns in the evening. His office is 10 km from his residence. Find the total distance he covers every day.

Q.2. Sita starts at 8:00 AM from her house to go to her school. It takes her 15 minutes to reach school. At what time does she reach school.

Q.3. Ram goes for maths tuition every day. Tuition starts at 15:00. By walk it takes 20 minutes to reach the tuition venue from Ram's house. Find the time when Ram must leave his house so as to reach for tuition in time? 

Q.4. In a bus there are 25 seats for the passengers. How many buses are needed if the total number of passengers is 50?

Q.5. In a bus there are 55 seats for the passengers. How many buses are required if the total number of passengers if 200?

Q.6. To serve water in a party, small glasses of size 200 ml needs to be filled from a bottle with 30000 ml of water. How many small glasses can be filled?

Q.7. Different air planes have different capacity to carry passengers. A1 can carry 50 passengers, A2 can carry 200, while A3 can carry 700. How many passengers can travel if all the planes are used exactly once?

Read the following figure and answer the questions that follow: The house is Ramu's house.

Q.8. Ramu goes to his his school and play ground every day. Find the distance traveled by him everyday.

Q.9. If Ramu uses bicycle as a mode of conveyance, then find the time it takes him to reach his school. Assuming that the speed of bicycle is 5 km / hr.

Q.10. If Ramu decides to use Auto instead of bicycle then find how much time is needed to reach the school. Assuming that the speed of Auto is 10 km / hr.