Class 09 - Formative Assessment - 3 (2016 - 2017) English

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Q.1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions.

Science In Everyday Life

Science is a great blessing to mankind. Nothing better has happened in the history of man than the advent of science in his life. The world into which science came was a world of ignorance, suffering and hardship. Science has come to relieve us of sufferings, to remove our ignorance and to lighten our toil. Science is a faithful servant. It serves us in all walks of life. Gone are the days when only rich could afford luxuries. Science has made them cheaper and brought them within the reach of everybody. It helps in producing goods on a large scale. They are sold at cheap rates in every market. Books, music and all other forms of entertainment have been brought to our doors. Radio, television and cinema entertain us. So the life of a common man is quite different from what it used to be.

It also acts as our most faithful medical attendant. It cares for our health. It has, helped in curing many diseases. No longer are smallpox, cholera and plague the ravages of mankind. Science has given us the power to kill the germs which spread these diseases. It has worked miracles in the field of education. With the help of the printing press, thousands of books are printed in the twinkling of an eye, thus making the published material easily available and cheap.

However, there is another side of the picture as well. Science has done great disservice to mankind in the field of armament. The invention of gunpowder which was hailed as an achievement has been used and perfected into a hundred thousand destructive weapons of war. As such, science, meant for man's happiness is employed by man for his own destruction. It is not the fault of science, but the fault of mankind.

(a) Science is meant for man's happiness but ________________ 

(b) The invention of the printing press has ________________

(c) How has the science done great disservice to mankind?

(d) The advent of science has helped the common many by ________________

(e) 'Arrival' is an antonym for ___________________

Q.2. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions.

I was greatly influenced by my father's philosophy. I now believe, and I even as a child, that once a person breaks the emotional shackles that hold him or her back, the road to personal freedom is only a short step ahead. Happiness and peace of mind come to us from within and not from external sources. Once a person knows this, setbacks and hurdles become temporary.

I was very young - just six years old when I saw my father put his philosophy into practice. He decided to build a sail boat to ferry pilgrims from Rameshwaram to Dhausakodi and back. I watched the wooden boat being build on the seashore; timber was seasoned over wood-fires to make the hull and the bulkheads. It was fascinating to watch the boat take shape.

When the boat was ready; my father started brisk business. Some time later, a severe cyclone struck the Rameswaram coast. Oue boat was wrecked in the strong woids. My fathers bore his loss with composure - in fact, he was more concerned about a tragedy caused by the gale. The Pamban bridge had collapsed during the cyclonic storm, when a train full of passengers was crossing over it.

I learn from both my father's attitude and the actual disaster, till then I had only experienced the beauty of the sea; now its force and uncontrollable energy stood revealed.

(Extracted from wings of fire)

(a) I was greatly influenced ________________.

(b) _______________ come to us from within, and not from external sources.

(c) My father bore his loss with _______________

(d) After the cyclone, the author realised ________________

(e) The word in the passage which means the same as 'quick' is ____________.

Q.3. You are Suman / Sachil of class IX, Write an article in about 120 words to be published in our magazine about the usefulness of metro line in Delhi. Highlighting the safety, comfort and pollution free rides. You may take help of the following clues.

Saves time and energy 

Easy and convenient

Good facilities provided

Concerned for women safety - special coaches

Convenient for differently able people

Q.4. Yesterday, I was going to school, on the way, I saw child in the middle of the road. A car was coming at full speed ................

Complete the story in your own 150-200 words.


Q.5. Choose the most appropriate option from the once given below to complete the following passage.

Caridwen didn't trust anybody to help her with the making (a) __________ the magic portion. But even she knew that she couldn't tend the fire all by herself for (b) ________ year. So she searched in the villages around her but and finally chanced upon a boy (c) ________ Gwion Back who she thought could be trusted.

(a) (i) for (ii) of (iii) to (iv) too

(b) (i) an (ii) a (iii) this (iv) these

(c) (i) known (ii) knew (iii) called (iv) calling

Q.6. The following passage have not been edited. Write the incorrect word and the correction in the space provided against the correct blanks in your answer sheet.


    Correct Incorrect
All life on earth can ultimately is  (a) _____________________ _____________________
tracked back on the sea creatures with limbs (b) _____________________ _____________________ 
or fingers rather than fins have evolved (c) _____________________ _____________________
of fishes about 335 million years ago (d) _____________________ _____________________

Q.7. Rearrange the following words / phrases into meaningful sentences.

(a) continue / days / festivities / Christmas / the / for / ten

(b) forgiving / a / and / is /giving / time / of / it

Q.8. Read the following poem and answer the question that follow:

Then a Soldier

Full of strenge oaths, and bearded like the pard,

Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,

Seeking the bubble reputation.

Even in the cannon's mouth

(a) To which stage of life does the soldier belong?

(b) What is the poetic device used in the second line?

(c) What does fact poet mean by "bubble reputation"?

Q.9. Read the questions carefully and answer the questions that follow.

(a) What did the professor mean by intelligent reaching?

(b) Describe corporal tiribull?

(c) What is second childishness? Write any one characteristics of their stage?

(d) Why was it necessary to keep Harold's father's profession a secret from him?

Q.10. Answer the ONE of the questions?

You are the professor write a diary after your first day at the cook house describing the events that ........... to this assignment. Also express your thoughts and feelings about the events of the in about 175 words.


We should always be respectful to our parents whatever profession they are in. Will you appreciate Horold for not feeling guilty of being the son of a Boxer?